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The New Hampshire Mental Health Counselors' Association (NHMHCA) is a state chapter of the American Mental Health Counselors' Association (AMHCA), and was formed to provide a voice for mental health counselors, while also promoting the profession of mental health counseling in New Hampshire.

President's Message

Dear NHMHCA Members:

As we take a moment from our busy lives to reflect on the devastation of what has happened in Texas I ask you all to take pause and think of the work we do, the lives we effect and the individuals in need of our services.  Time and time again I find myself teaching, guiding and asking clients to identify what is in their control, what is not, how to know the difference and to accept that which they cannot change.  In all modesty, if I were a clinician in the hard-hit areas of Texas at this time of natural disaster, I do not know how I could effectively do that.

Although it is not the philosophy of NHMHCA to take a political or religious stand on any issue I am going to go out on a limb and ask that you all embrace that with which you are blessed, continue to do the excellent work that you do and take a moment to think about, pray for and when possible lend some assistance to not only the victims but the courageous and dedicated individuals that are helping them through what I can only imagine is an extremely devastating and emotional time.

A letter from AMHCA:

I would like to share this letter from our AMHCA President, Mr. Joe Weeks, LCMHC

I want to take a moment today and say that we extend our sincerest and heartfelt prayers and sympathy to all affected by Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane has caused extensive flooding in Southeast Texas and Louisiana and it will be a long and enduring challenge for millions of residents of the Gulf Coast.

I offer my sympathy to the residents affected and to the many individuals and families who are experiencing painful memories of previous hurricanes. AMHCA offers our support and concern to those uprooted by the storm and those whose lives have been lost or compromised as a result of its effects.

I know the damage is widespread and lives have been changed forever. The recovery process will be a long one and those affected by this natural disaster may experience a number of reactions in the aftermath of the hurricane, including distress, anxiety and depression.

I implore anyone who may be experiencing these mental health symptoms to seek professional treatment. Counselors are available and treatment works.

If you are a mental health counselor wanting to be of help and provide assistance to those affected please take a moment to visit the Red Cross website to find out how you can help. I urge you to aid in any way you can.

I know that the crisis is not over. Historic flooding is expected to continue and with that new challenges will arise. AMHCA will continue to support one another and help the children and families impacted by Hurricane Harvey recover and rebuild their lives.

Our thoughts are with you all,

Joe Weeks

President, AMHCA

Our Mission
Our mission is to promote and support professionalism and collaboration among mental health counselors, to educate the public regarding the role and function of clinical mental health counselors and to advocate for the consumers of mental health services. 

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