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The New Hampshire Mental Health Counselors' Association (NHMHCA) is a state chapter of the American Mental Health Counselors' Association (AMHCA), and was formed to provide a voice for mental health counselors, while also promoting the profession of mental health counseling in New Hampshire. 

Our Mission
Our mission is to promote and support professionalism and collaboration among mental health counselors, to educate the public regarding the role and function of clinical mental health counselors and to advocate for the consumers of mental health services. 

Upcoming Events and Workshops:

NHMHCA Spring 2017 Workshop

"Transdiagnostic CBT for Emotional Disorders"

A unified protocol out of Boston University's Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders

Featured Presenter:

Dr. Shannon Sauer-Zavala, Ph.D

April 14, 2017


6 CEs

The Portsmouth Marriott



Clinical Mental Health Counseling Profession Launches
Anti-Stigma Mental Illness Campaign

Alexandria, Va. - Today the Pubic Awareness Committee of the American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA) launched the organizations "Breaking the Silence" campaign.

This campaign is an effort to call attention to the strong social stigma attached to mental illness. This effort coincides with the launch of Mental Health Month in the United States but the AMHCA initiative will be a long range campaign with the goal of substantially reducing stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness.


Website for the American Mental Health Counselors Association's Breaking the Silence initiative to address mental health stigma.

NH Board of Mental Health Update

CE Requirement Update

NOTICE – CE’s in suicide prevention will be required by all licensees renewing a license that expires after January 1, 2017.

Pursuant to RSA 330-A:10, XIV, the Board is required to adopt:  Procedures for assuring the continuing competence of persons licensed under this chapter including, but not limited to, continuing education requirements, provided that at least 3 hours of the required continuing education units for biennial renewal shall be from a nationally recognized, evidence-based or best practices training organization in the area of suicide prevention, intervention, or postvention and how mental illness, substance use disorders, trauma, or interpersonal violence directly impacts risk for suicide.

Mhp 402.01 (d) was adopted by the Board on January 15, 2016 and reads as follows: 

At least 3 of the 40 CEU’s shall be completed in accordance with RSA 330-A:10, XIV and shall be from Category A.

Revised Rules!

The NH Board of Mental Health recently re adopted :  Mhp 200, Mhp 300, Mhp 400 and Mhp 500.    Most of the revisions were minor, however, the rules list below are new and should be reviewed by all licensees.  All rules are available on the Board’s website:  http://www.nh.gov/mhpb/laws.html

·         Mhp 302.01 (c)(9) – “Supervisors for candidates for licensure must successfully complete one of the following before January 31, 2016: 1) a graduate level course in clinical supervision; 2) a clinical supervision certificate approved by AAPC, NASW, AMHCA or AAMFT or 3) 12 CEU's in clinical supervision”.

·         Mhp 302.03 (a)(3) – “An original, not a photocopy, of a criminal offender record report that is issued by each state where the applicant has resided or been licensed within the past 5 years.”

·         Mhp 305.01 (c) – “Until December 31, 2021 an applicant who has been granted a degree in mental health counseling based upon a program consisting of at least 48 credit hours,  shall not be licensed unless additional graduate credit hours of instruction are obtained to meet the 60 credit hour degree requirement of RSA 330-A:19.”

 ·         Mhp 402.02 (b)(9) Association of Social Work Boards


Legislative Alerts

Calls to Action!

Medicare provider participation 


Who's running DHHS?

Who Are Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors? 

Licensed Clinical 
Mental Health Counselors are skilled professionals, educated at a Master's degree level or beyond, who provide personalized, evidence-based therapy to people with mental and/or emotional distress. Our understanding of human nature and psychology utilizes a practical, problem-solving approach that facilitates a dynamic and efficient path for change and problem resolution. We are committed to professional ethical standards and respect the dignity and di
verse cultural background of all those who seek our care.

Save The Dates

Next Board Meeting will be in February. More details soon.

All members are welcome! Contact Ellen if you would like to attend.

The Collaborator

Recent Articles and Updates:

January 6, 2017 Two New Office Spaces Available in Opportunities

December 11, 2016 New Volunteer Opportunity with AMHCA in Opportunities

October 14, 2016 New Office Space Posting in Opportunities

October 4, 2016 Ethics article from our new Ethics Chair 

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Get Involved

We want to keep you informed. If you are a member and have not been receiving e-blasts from NHMHCA please email the membership chair with your current email and mailing address. 

There is no better way for you to stay current than to join your state's professional organization.

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  • Promote your business - membership includes listing in the  online "Find a Counselor" Directory.  You'll find your name in NHMHCA's membership directory, which is made available to state agencies, hospitals, clinics, social services providers and other referral sources!
  • Need Guidance? Membership offers statewide advocacy for
     Mental Health Professionals and links at the national level.
  • Need help with licensing? We have mentoring and info on the licensing process!
  • We'll help you get connected by reaching out to students in graduate programs in the area who are studying mental health counseling and psychology.
  • Keep up to date in your field: We offer legislative updates, initiatives and advocacy regarding issues that pertain to counselors, including parity and vendorship.
  • Struggling with managed care?  We have info on that too!
  • Need to know more about your potential clients?  We can help you with consumer education and information.
  • Tired of paying large insurance premiums?  With your membership, you get reduced premiums through CPH Insurance Agency.
  • CEU Courses too expensive?  We offer several wonderful workshops each year with a reduced tuition rate for members.
  • Want to be more connected with other professionals?  You'll be a liaison to the NH Mental Health Coalition and the NH Board of Mental Health Practice.
  • Want to be more involved in the association as a chairperson on the NHMHCA Board of Directors or as a member of a committee?  We'd love to have you get involved. Contact a Board member to find out how.
President's Message

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful summer!  As your new President of the NHMHCA, I have to say I am eager to get started on what is shaping up to be a very exciting year for LCMHC’s.  Having just returned from the Leadership Conference in New Orleans I have much to share regarding the future of our profession.  I cannot stress enough that as a profession we are going to have to band together like never before to accomplish our goals.  To that end I encourage you, if you are not already, to become a member not only of our state chapter but of the national organization, AMHCA so our voice will be heard on Capitol Hill.

This year presents itself as a time for change.  A new president is soon to be elected to the White House as we are voting for a NH Senator and State Governor.  We, as a profession, are faced with an opportunity to advocate for ourselves; to have our scope of practice known and respected nationwide which in turn will impact our ability to provide services to clients, and to have a voice with legislators and with success, increase our income.

As a start to what I believe will be an amazing year, I am asking each of you to get involved locally as well as at a national level.   “Medicare provider eligibility for mental health counselors is long overdue.”   A statement we have been making for years!  Follow this link to see how you can make a difference at the national level:  


I have found that many clinicians have concerns regarding certain changes that are occurring in our state as well as our profession nationwide.  CACREP, new Supervisory Rules, Medicare inclusion and insurance reimbursement to name a few.  These concerns are not isolated to New Hampshire.  As a profession we need to raise our voices in Concord and have it be heard in Washington D.C.  Please visit the NHMHCA website often.  The CALL TO ACTION is louder than it has ever been and it is one of my goals as president to have your voices be heard.  I am going to do my best to make this as easy as possible by sharing information, providing links for easy access to legislators and guiding you through a step by step process on how to participate in these very important issues that impact all of us.  Please keep in mind, only as a unified presence can we make changes that benefit us all.

I am excited to start this year off strong!  LCMHC’s should be very proud of all we do.  We have a vision, we have a mission and we will be heard.  Thank you in advance for all of your support.  I am happy to hear from you and will welcome any thoughts you have on how to increase our presence and make a change.


Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen V.A. Papanikolaou, LCMHC


 Click here for the full Job Description For Executive Director