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Who Are Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors? 

Licensed Clinical 
Mental Health Counselors are skilled professionals, educated at a Master's degree level or beyond, who provide personalized, evidence-based therapy to people with mental and/or emotional distress. Our understanding of human nature and psychology utilizes a practical, problem-solving approach that facilitates a dynamic and efficient path for change and problem resolution. We are committed to professional ethical standards and respect the dignity and di
verse cultural background of all those who seek our care.

You can find a counselor by using the alphabetical list or by looking on the map for those counselors who have given us their business address. We are working on getting up your more detailed information.

If you are a member, please make sure we have your updated information by contacting Taunya at

 Your information should include: your name and business, title, business address, business phone, business e-mail, business website, General Treatment Issues, your Special Interests (up to 4), your Theoretical Orientation, Modalities, any Professional Certifications or Credentials, Languages in which you are fluent or bilingual, and insurance carriers you accept. You can include a one sentence "sound bite" that describes your counseling. You can also include a link to your Psychology Today information or other professional information links.