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Reach Out to U.S. Troops and family members through AMHCA's Partnership with Give an Hour Network.

As you may be aware, AMHCA has partnered with Give an Hour™, a national nonprofit organization providing free counseling and other mental health services to members of the military, veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, their families, and their communities.

While there are more than 4,600 mental health professionals on the network nationwide, there is a critical shortage in many areas, particularly in the communities surrounding our military installations. As we raise awareness about the psychological issues surrounding combat and deployment, more people are seeking services through Give an Hour™.

Give an Hour™ is an important and well respected organization, filling a critical need. If you are willing to volunteer one hour a week (for a minimum of one year) to help our military men and women and their families heal from wartime service, please join the Give an Hour™ network.

Registration is quick and easy. Go to and click on "For Providers". Please spread the word to your colleagues.

 Thank you, Sheila! 

Sheila McDonough retires from the board after many years of excellent service as our Membership Chair. Thank you for all you hard work and dedication!