Media Technology Chair

Role and Duties:

The Officer of Media Technology is elected by the membership. He/she takes the office for a two year term, beginning July 1st. The Media Technology Chair shall serve as a full voting member on the Board. The Chair is to inform and educate the Board to new and existing technologies that impact the practice of mental health counseling. The Chair is to develop and monitor technologies that NHMHCA currently uses or could use that interface with members and the general public (web site, social media sites, etc.).


  •  Collaborate with the Board and members on how to best utilize technology to advance Association and mental health practice goals.
  •   Provide training opportunities regarding technology to help members use the Association’s website and  any other Association technologies (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).
  •  Maintains appropriate security for NHMHCA Board's social media presence.


  •  Make regular reports to the Board to keep them updated on media technology issues.
  •   Perform tasks as requested by the Board concerning the use of media technology.
  •   Work with other committee chairpersons on issues of technology, notably with Publications/Public Awareness committee on the website and social media issues, the Ethics committee on ethics in media technology, the Membership committee on the membership database, and with other committees as needed.


 Revised 5/21