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AMHCA Annual Leadership Conference, 2015

Respectfully submitted by Ellen V. A. Papanikolaou, LCMHC

NHMHCA President Elect


New Hampshire was well represented at this year’s American Mental Health Counselors’ Association (AMHCA) Leadership Conference!

Dr. Goodman (past president), Christine Lavoie (president) and Ellen Papanikolaou (president elect) attended the event in Philadelphia.  It was a wonderful opportunity to network with other states, meet our new Regional Director Joshua Maldonado, and work with Whitney Meyerhoeffer, Director of Communication and State Chapter Relations.  The topics of CACREP Accreditation, portability and the growing use of technology in the field were all the buzz.  I am proud to say that Whitney gave kudos to our great state for being “5 years ahead” of most other states.  As a guild we should all be very proud of the work we have done so far but, we still have a long way to go.

From left to right;  Dr. Alan Goodman, Christine Lavoie, Ellen Papanikolaou, Whitney Meyerhoeffer

As I stated CACREP was a topic for discussion, in fact, the President and CEO of NBCC, Dr. Clawson, and the Executive Director of CACREP Dr. Bobby participated in one of the panel discussions and addressed this very issue.  For those that are not yet aware, NH has become a CACREP state.  You can read more about these rules changes at the state website, https://www.nh.gov/mhpb/.  We need to stay on top of this issue as currently only 2 universities in the state are true CACREP Accredited programs, Antioch and Plymouth State.  This is a concern for students as they select or are already enrolled in programs, as well as graduates currently working towards their license.  This national standard will also affect portability down the road.  AMHCA has developed a forum to discuss these issues so if you are interested in learning what other states are doing, what their concerns are or offering your own thoughts on this and many other topics go to www.amhca.org and double click on community.


From left to right;  Ellen Papanikolaou, Dr. Alan Goodman, Whitney Meyerhoeffer, Christine Lavoie 

Another pressing issue that was discussed pertains to another rules change which has already taken effect.  This is the issue of supervision, both for new licensee candidates as well as licensed professionals in need of corrective supervision.  Effective June 19th, 2015 the following rule was put in to place:

Mhp 302.01 (c)(9) - Supervisors for candidates for licensure must obtain a graduate level course in clinical supervision, a clinical supervision certificate approved by AAPC, NASW, AMHCA or AAMFT or 12 CEU's in clinical supervision.

Christine Lavoie has been working with Joel Miller, Executive Director and CEO of AMHCA, to get a letter supporting the state chapter, NHMHCA in developing a program which will meet the requirement for training LCMHC’s to become clinical supervisors.  This effort is a priority for the board of NHMCA as not doing so will greatly impact those coming into the field as well as fellow colleagues in need of supervision.

Once again, we should all be very proud of our accomplishments thus far.  Leadership at the national level has recognized NH as a pro-active, well organized voice.  We are a small state but we have stood up and been noticed!


AMHCA Praises NBCC Action on CACREP

The American Mental Health Counselor’s Association published an article on 18 November, 2014 titled “AMHCA Praises NBCC Action on CACREP.”  Given the recently proposed state rules changes, which for LCMHC’s center on CACREP requirements, this article seems like a “must read.”  See the article on the AMHCA website at http://www.amhca.org/news/217621/AMHCA-Praises-NBCC-Action-on-CACREP.htm.